Monday, September 7, 2009

Sculpture in The Hague, back to Amsterdam & the Van Gogh Museum

detail of outdoor installation in Den Haag
This is one of two similar sculptures
I assume they commemorate the Holocaust, but have been unable to find any specific info about them
plaque inside the Van Gogh Museum.  The last sentence is riveting to me!
Self-portrait in front of the easel (1888)
Who says Van Gogh didn't have a sense of humor?
We returned to Amsterdam early this afternoon from Delft.  After checking into the hotel we met with a friend and toured the Van Gogh Museum.  I don't suppose I will ever tire of seeing these paintings.
I get goosebumps when standing before many of them.  The museum displays the paintings in a fashion that allows the viewer to see and understand the progression of the work, and also to understand significant events in the artist's life.  His brother, Theo, had a profound influence on his work and this is quite evident in the exhibit.  To stand before these paintings, I think to myself, "I'm standing in the same approximate place the artist would have stood while working on this painting".  To see the brush-strokes of these paintings is indescribable.  There is, quite simply, nothing like it.  No print can do justice to these paintings.  
Wiki entry on Vincent Van Gogh:
More info on the Van Gogh museum:


  1. Hey Leslie,

    I am so enjoying hearing you talk about your travels. They are truly an inspiration. I just love Van Gogh. Have you ever seen the movie, Vincent and Theo? It's kind of slow but interesting to see how his brother influenced him and got him set up with his mentor, Gaugin. Have fun touring those museums and please keep posting. I feel like I am a virtual traveller! LOL

  2. I loved reading all your posts from the Netherlands. Mom and I had such a good time there during Quilt Expo in 2004! We stayed in Den Hague at a great bed and breakfast and toured all their museums, the Peace Palace, Dutch Parliament, Binnenhof and the Knights hall has these fabulous curved stairwells and the doorways and the ceilings are a wonder of craftsmanship. We too visited Delft for moms favorite (Deft Porcelain) since she was a porcelain china painter. Then on to Rotterdam for its bridges and ports as well as textile museum in Tilburg where they make the loomed table cloths for the Queen that take a year or more with three story looms. Have a wonderful time Leslie, it sounds like you packed amazingly well, let me know how those woolite pads do for your clothing as I am headed to England and Norway next year and only want to take 1 bag this time! Will I see you in Houston?
    Fondly, Heidi Lund


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