Saturday, September 26, 2009

Delft Mosaic Mirror

A beautiful mosaic mirror in a restaurant bathroom in Delft

I forgot about these photos because they were taken with my iphone camera!
This beautiful blue and white mosaic was in a quaint little restaurant in Old Delft.  I love the 3-dimensional quality of the tile, and the fact that the faucet (seen in the first image, lower right corner) is
made of ceramic.  I didn't return to the Delft factory and museum this year, to my great regret.
Maybe next year.....


  1. I absolutely love these. Blue and White is my most favorite for dishes. I love the dimension of using the cups in their mosiac design.

  2. It was truly wonderful! I only wish I had taken a better photo..sigh.

  3. Couldn't you see that in Frances' bathroom?

  4. Hi Leslie,
    The name of the restaurant in Delft is the 'Stadskoffyhuis'
    There are actually two mosaics there in the mens and lady's room. I created these a few years ago using a combination of tradtional hand painted and transferd shards. also are my own painted tiles. The cups and vases were cut using a watercooled diamond saw machine.The peices were made in my studio on a panel and I installed them in one go. I am an American artist and have been living and working in Delft for a good long time. You can see more of my work at;
    I really like your work and your quilts are exqusite.
    If you return to Delft plese look ,me up.
    Best wishes,
    Chris Dagradi

  5. Chris-So happy you stopped by! I love your work! I'll definitely stop by your site to check out more of your art. Thanks. Leslie


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