Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barnacle Bike and Bee

Guess what got hauled out of a Delft canal today?! looks like a scary haunted barnacle bike
I had a little companion helping me with my honey this afternoon.
I was glad he was enjoying himself because I wasn't eating it!
Here are a few more photos from the day's wanderings.  My feet are tired and happy.
Several people have inquired about the one-bag travel idea.  I'm including a link to a great resource for this idea.  I don't pack exactly like this site recommends, but I have used many of the resources on this site.  As to the packets of Woolite:  I found mine in a local travel/outfitter store.  I have also resorted to dilute shampoo out of desperation at times.  I carried a "quick dry" towel on this trip which has been extremely helpful in removing moisture from just-washed clothing.

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