Saturday, September 5, 2009


The young guy in the green hat, and his partner, the girl to his left, seemed to be the "young guns" on the field.  They were very, very good, as were their competitors

Another throw...

looking to see which bocce ball is closest to the marker

This is one third of the area in which set were played,
and there were six games going on each section at once
Bocce:  does anyone play this game in the US?  I've always wanted to know more about it.
Today has been lovely:  perfect weather for the annual bocce tournament!  When we ventured out of our hotel this morning, the market square had transformed:  three-fourths of the square had been cordoned off and a 4-5 inch layer of sand had been covered over the surface.  Inside were countless bocce teams playing in heats throughout the day.  It was interesting to sit and observe the players inside and outside the tournament-area.  I know nothing about this sport, but one thing I really loved was the fact that all ages were playing with and against one another.  Older women were playing against young guys.  It was  great.  I sat and tried to figure out who the bocce "rock stars" were.  
Here's a little more info about the game:


  1. Hi Leslie & Tim,
    Loving the blog! I know that Frank Barthel plays bocce and I think Tom Averill.
    Wish I was there with you! Today's weather reminded me of the weather when we were in Holland. I sat outside and reminisced with myself!
    Love you,

  2. Think bocce is more common in the Northeast among Italian American populations. Have seen courts at other places in the US, tho. Enoying reading about your travels! Hugs, Pat S.

  3. It's played here in the Midwest.
    Yes, there is a large Italian American population in this area.

  4. Apparently you guys haven't been at lytle when we have had our impromptu bocce matches. We play on the grass of course, and if we don't get any rain soon we will have a native sand field to play on. Bocce is one of the games we always play when we go to the beach. That is one thing Texas beaches are good for. Win says they play bocce in Ayer also. Who would have guessed? Have fun!

  5. Well, well, well! I guess I haven't been paying much attention!
    I want to play bocce, so I would like to request a few games, Molly!


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