Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Delft marathon

I'm simply at a loss to explain what is happening to my photo uploading skills in Blogger.  Please forgive the disorganization of the images to subtitles.  The first image is of a 16th century glass window; 2) riding on the tram in Amsterdam; 3) carved window casing; 4) wonderful door hinge in Delft; 5) canal in Delft with the Old Church in the distance.
Today was a marathon of movement through the Netherlands to do location scouting for Tim's project.  It was very warm, probably in the high 80's, which I can tell you I wasn't prepared for in my packing!
Let's just say that I was "glowing" quite a bit throughout the day, shall we?  By the time we returned to our hotel this evening I had that horrid "salt-crust" feeling.  I did sink-laundry immediately after my husband did his, and that shower never felt so good!  I really should take a photo of what our room looks like after we do laundry:  hilarious!
 A number of Tim's employees arrived today for the trade show so there are more jet-lagged Texans in the area.  

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