Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amsterdam Day 2 (continued): Rembrandt's House

Rooftops surrounding the courtyard of Rembrandt's House

A sign inside the house gives a brief history of Rembrandt's life here; exterior of the house

Copper etching (on left) and resulting print on right

paint-mixing table in Rembrandt's studio
I was happy to revisit Rembrandt's house for the second time in as many years.  The house is surprisingly large, by Dutch standards.  Of all the things that fascinate me about the house,  think seeing how people slept during that era was the most interesting.  Also, I feel a certain reverence in being allowed to walk around in Rembrandt's painting studio.  
Afterward, we wandered around the streets.  The rain let up during the latter part of the afternoon, but not the wind!  It was a blustery day throughout.  

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