Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Family Vehicle

A typical scene in any Dutch community:  mom and baby on one bicycle and another young child on a separate bicycle
Here's another configuration:  a three-wheeled cycle which is used for multiple young ones or hauling groceries
One of the hazards of a bicycle:  
how to haul stuff home?
If you have never been to the Netherlands, here's a little tip:  Watch out for the bicycles because they have the right-of-way!  This fact was somewhat disorienting to me when I first spent time here last year, but it is easier to remember this time.  So far I have not seen a pedestrian "flattened" by a cyclist, one of my first sights from the train enroute to Amsterdam last year.
The entire country is flat which makes for easy cycling.  Everyone, it seems, rides a bike.  Even newlyweds in their wedding finery.

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