Wednesday, September 2, 2009


        Neighborhood canal in Amsterdam                 Tim & Leslie chillin @ an outdoor cafe
Trash truck squeezes through a tight street adjoining the Flower Market
I love this business name & the graffiti!
Flowers are everywhere in this city
After an uneventful trip over (the best kind!) we arrived in Amsterdam at 5:30 this morning.  We found a hotel room and crashed for several hours, trying to find a balance between getting a bit of sleep without ruining our chances of syncing our sleep cycle.  We arose about 1 pm and found some "brunch", then wandered the city on foot.  We stopped a number of times and watched the world go by while taking in the vibe of the city.  If there is anything more interesting than people-watching I certainly want to know what it is!
Early evening was spent sitting at an outdoor cafe.  What a gentle, welcoming city this is.
We sat outside in a small Greek cafe and ate a leisurely meal.  Afterward we took our time walking back to the hotel.  
The inside of our room looks like some sort of laundromat  we have wet clothes hanging over every surface!  I guess this is the side-effect of packing light.  

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