Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PanPastels & Stencil Girl Stencils=A Fun New Adventure!

I  am new to PanPastels  so I was looking forward to experimenting with them.  The first thing I did (and I recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with them as they are different than traditional "stick" pastels) was go to their website as well as their Facebook page.  There are a number of great tutorials and demos that show how to use them.  There are so many possibilities! 

I was sent 5 colors:  green, copper, yellow, orange, and deep pink.  
I selected two stencils:
Medallions by Jessica Sporn
by Andrea Matus Demeng

I pulled this off the PanPastel website.  86 colors: Oh My!

Here are the PanPastel colors I worked with.  They have a very creamy, low-dust
quality that makes them behave more like paint than any pastel I have used previously.
They are exceedingly easy to blend.

First, I applied pink alternating with orange using the Medallion stencil
and covering the majority of my drawing paper.  This paper is fairly smooth yet does have a bit of "tooth" which helps grab the Pan Pastel.

I really love the effect of the two blended colors as my background for the next stencil/Pan Pastel layer....

I overlaid the Abigail stencil onto the paper.

Using first the copper color I applied the Pan Pastel through the stencil.

Next, I layered pink and touches of the green.   The green gives me a lot of
depth for shadowing and adding a bit of color in the eye region.

Because these colors blend so nicely I am able to create many other colors from my limited palette.

Adding just a bit of shadow to define the cheeks...

Now, I plan to use the bright yellow to define the background from the face.

I am lightly "cross-hatching" the pastel around the head, and also 
working a bit more of the pink from the left edge of the throat.
This creates a bit of "shadow" effect which tells the viewer where the light source is from.

Now, I am lightly brushing the background with my finger to soften and slightly blur
the background.  

I may work a slight bit more pink/green in the left edge of her forehead.  Since
I imagine the light source to be the upper right corner of my paper, I won't need much on the left
side of her forehead as it is closer to the light source.

Here is a detail of her face.

The lovely thing about working with these PanPastels is that I could continue to layer the surface,
if I choose to add more details such as layers of tissue, etc.  There are many possibilities!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Come Join Me In Houston at the International Quilt Festival!

I have two fun all-day workshops scheduled this fall at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, and I hope to see you in one or both of them!!
First, I will be co-teaching a rollicking workshop called "Painting With A Twist & Shout" along with Jamie Fingal.  This workshop is for anyone who loves the idea of painting is intimidated by the blank canvas.  We collaborate as a group to create amazing paintings on large pieces of unstretched canvas, and then we (gasp!) cut them up to make some very cool mixed media items in the afternoon.   You just won't believe how much fun it is!  This workshop is from 9-5 on Friday,  October 31st (wooooo, it's on Halloween!).  Workshop #512 on the schedule, which is now LIVE so you can enroll!Check out some of the images below:
Morning:  collaborative painting!

Afternoon:  create all sorts of cool things with your painted canvas sections!

Saturday Workshop:  "Fifty Shades of Groovy:  A Modern Quilting Workshop"!  This workshop (#719) runs on Saturday, November 1st, from 9-5.  We will construction a contemporary panel from your own set of fabric squares and a selection of gray solids.  Please see the workshop listed on the IQA Website for more information.  Most students leave the workshop with the panel constructed and we spend time discussing the use of negative space and placement of the constructed panel.  Students are amazed with their results and how different each participants' work turns out.  
Examples below:

details of "Thoroughly Mondrian Millie"...
this is a portion of the negative space surrounding the pieced "panel".

This quilting workshop is for any level of quilt maker.  The only prerequisite is to have a basic knowledge of using a sewing machine and rotary cutter.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing Around with "Flower Party", one of Traci Bautista's new collection with Stencil Girl!

I am a fan of Traci Bautista and was very happy to learn that she has become a designer for Stencil Girl.  I love the irregular edges of this fantastic stencil, called "Flower Party", and I think you will, too!

Click Here for this stencil

I was really interested in moving this stencil around the surface of several types of paper as well as some mixed media cloth by RocLon.  Because of the irregular edges it seemed like this would be fun to use with spray paint, so I pulled out several cans of my wonderful Liquitex acrylic spray paint.  
I placed a plastic drop cloth in a well-ventilated area and placed my various papers, including some tissue paper, on the plastic.

I began by working with thess turquoise and lime green paint colors.

Since there was paint collecting on the surface of the stencil I turned it over and used the paint as a stamp, thus creating a positive mark with the stencil design.

I like!

I introduced black paint onto the mixed media cloth.

Again, I used the paint on the stencil to create a positive mark.
I'm very pleased with the depth created by the various layers of paint!

Next, I took the stenciled mixed media cloth and fused a large fabric ring
overlapping the edge of my cloth.

I trimmed the ring and placed the remainder on the edge of the cloth in a different position.

I cut small, slightly irregular circles from the leftover cloth that was in 
the center of the ring.

I stitched the rings into place using black thread for a high contrast.

Then I free-motion stitched the small pieces into place.

I love the soft edges of the lightly spray-painted areas...

contrasted with the sharp, positive image that was obtained by using the leftover paint on the stencil surface....

and the layering of the same shape in a larger scale with cloth!

The future of this piece of mixed media cloth remains to be seen.  I am considering constructing a paint brush roll with it.  Stay tuned!
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