Friday, November 7, 2014

Some Screen-Printing Serendipity on "The Quilt Show" right here in Texas!

Way back in February I had the pleasure of taping several segments with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson of "The Quilt Show" on the ranch of my dear friends.  It was a beautiful day and we were on the covered porch outside.  My friends had asked their neighbors to contain barking dogs during the taping, and that went well, but we couldn't do a thing about the (I think it was a student) pilot doing turns on a point within earshot of where we were taping.  The sound guy was more than a little frustrated with that little plane!
Click here for a preview of the show.

Here is a description:
While "on the road" near Mica, Texas, we caught up with artist, author, and educator Leslie T. Jenison, who shares her playful, "serendipitous" screen-printing techniques for transforming natural-fiber fabrics and paper with unusual materials such as plastic Fiesta flags, product packaging, common household items, and hardware-store finds. She also describes her experience as co-curator of the juried Dinner at Eight exhibits and companion catalogs with California artist Jamie Fingal.
Alex, Ricky, and I sat on the porch and talked about curating.

Ricky tries his hand at deconstructed screen-printing for the first time!

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