Monday, October 3, 2016

Rare Peeks of "Rare Bears": A Fundraising Event for Rare Science

My first thought when invited to create a "Rare Bear" for the Rare Science project was I was honored to have been asked.  My second thought:  "How do I make a bear??!".  I'd never actually made a teddy bear before.  But if ever there was a time to dive into a new project and swim, this was it.

If you don't know about this wonderful project I encourage you to go to their site and check it out.  You may want to join the Rare Bear Army.  I am now a happy member.  Does that make me a Private?  Or, since I've completed basic training, can I be a Corporal or something?  Oh, it doesn't matter.  I'm part of the army.  And I never knew I wanted to enlist, but I couldn't be happier.

Here is the mission:

RARE Science is a non- profit research organization that focuses on accelerating identification of more immediate therapeutic solutions for kids with rare disease potentially through repurposing currently approved drugs and other therapeutic approaches.

Did you know that, of the 7000 identified rare diseases almost 50% affect children? And that 30% of those children die before their 5th birthday?   I didn't, either, and I'm an RN.  This organization is working to raise money, awareness, data-sharing, and morale.  Please consider contributing in some way.  There are many ways to participate so go check the website and get involved. 

Here is the bear patterns developed specifically for the Rare Bear project.

You have NO idea how long it has been since I cut out a pattern.
You would be shocked....

But I cut pattern pieces and found that the bear went together very nicely.

They even sent some Rare Science fabric to use on the bottoms of her feet.


I thought she needed a nice heart.

Putting the head on seemed weird, but it worked.  I decided to 
"just do it" and not overthink or outguess the pattern.  It worked.

Here she is, sans stuffing.

I opted to embroider her nose and eyes in place.

She is beginning to look like a bear!

I'm not the only one who thinks she is pretty cute. 
Bizzi had to cop a snuggle while she could.

We played hide and seek.....

And I made her a bag out of my favorite color.
By the way, this little bear was created using fabrics from my soon-to-be released line
called "Urban Artifacts", by RJR Fabrics.

Are you going to Houston to the International Quilt Festival?  Please join us at the "Beary Rare Event" on Friday evening at the George R Brown Convention Center between 6-8 pm for a special event.  Details and signup are here.  The fee for two is $25, which gives you the chance to win a Bernina and some other great prizes!  Please come!  I'll see you there!

To see Ricky's blog post about the project and to view my  bear in it, click here.