Thursday, October 29, 2015

Studio Story: Remodeling, Part 5

Since I've been traveling almost constantly since.....wait.....mid-July?  I haven't been great about blogging.  Time for an update about the studio remodel!
The ongoing discovery of poor workmanship on the original build continued with the windows.  The collection of windows on the house, both upstairs and down, were installed improperly which was allowing water to run inside the walls.  Do I need to elaborate on the consequences of this over a 30-year span?  Probably not!
So, the stucco was cut out from around the windows (and other places where wood rot was discovered), the structure repaired, waterproofed, and new windows were installed.

I can't imagine what our neighbors must think we are doing!

The good news:  I have an amazing team on the job and despite all the unexpected set-backs they remain on-schedule with the remodel.  Here are my "morgue drawers", as I call them.  They are heavy-duty!  Each long drawer can hold up to 500 pounds.  I anticipate storing extra sewing machines and other heavy items in these.

A new set of cabinets and a small countertop, and to the left of the ladder is another closet.

The concrete floor in the wet-room has been ground down and sealed.  Now it is covered with protective paper.

The hallway doesn't look like much yet.  We added an area of recessed shelving to house my books and miscellaneous keepsakes

In the main studio design area it appears I am hosting a door convention!  See that big guy close to the window?  That is my sliding "barn door" which will mostly cover up my quilt storage area but can slide to close the wet room if needed.
We have gone from this......

to this.....

Best thing yet?  My orange ceiling beam!  
If you know how much I adore orange you know how I am happy about this!
My cabinets in the wet room will also sport this color on the outside.