Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Quilter's Planner via the Fat Quarter Shop

I've been away from a physical planner ever since I converted to a Palm Pilot (gasp!) in the mid-90's. Most of my "life" schedule has rolled over to my iPhone calendar, but in the past year I have begun to realize that my "quilt life" isn't very organized.  I have a white board up in my temporary studio space and eventually I will have numerous chalk-painted walls in my remodeled studio to hopefully keep me on track.
But I keep hearing all the great things about this new 2016 Quilter's Planner by Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter!  I just ordered mine from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I am copying their YouTube video so you can take a peek and see what you think.  I'm quite anxious to get my new planner and I hope to put it to use right away.

Here are a few of the things this planner contains (as listed by the Fat Quarter Shop blog):
- Monthly calendars
- Weekly calendars
- Project planning pages
- Graph paper
- 8 full quilt patterns from amazing designers
- 52 original quilt block designs
- Beautiful artwork pullouts by Kelsey Boes of Lovely and Enough
- Reference section for quilting calculations and common construction techniques

So here is my question to you:  How do you keep your quilt life organized?  Do you have more than one strategy?  I'm sincerely interested.  I know that I need to change my method of tracking my work flow and I am looking at any and all ideas.  
I feel as though my renovated studio will be part of that plan as it will have a better work-flow.  Does the organization follow?  We shall see!  I am hoping that the new planner, my chalk walls, and a white-board will work for me.  If there is something else that you find helpful please drop me a comment.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Start Out Your Year in Napa: the Craft Napa blog hop stop!

I hope you are as excited about the upcoming Craft Napa retreat as I am!  I will be teaching all three days, but if I wasn't I would be taking workshops alongside you.  I'm delighted to be teaching with so many wonderful and inspiring instructors.  What a perfect way to jumpstart the creativity for 2016, right?

I've decided to offer these three workshops:
"Intro to Improvisational Piecing: Quilt Design with a Modern Spirit"
"Sweet Little Somethings: Mixed Media Paper & Fabric Collage"
and "Geltastic & Printalicious"

I thought I would show you a bit about all three of them, so come on!

Intro To Improv was inspired by my desire to figure out what people might do with those stacks of die-cut fabric, usually called "Layer Cakes".  I wondered if I could come up with something interesting.
This was the first quilt I constructed, called "Fifty Shades of Groovy".
This quilt was juried into the inaugural QuiltCon show in 2013.

I had so much fun making this quilt that I proceeded to make many more using this basic technique.  Each quilt has its own "personality", and I learned some new tricks along the way which I will share with you in this workshop.  It is a really fun process and is perfect if you are a beginning quilt maker or if you have some serious skills.  As long as you can use a rotary cutter/ruler and know the basic stuff about using a sewing machine, you are good to go!

Here is the most-recent quilt using the same general technique.
This quilt is called "Thoroughly Mondrian Millie" and is queen-sized.

Truly, the possibilities are endless so come explore this fun improv class with me.  Most students get the basic central "unit" constructed in the 6-hour workshop.  

And guess what?  We will have our own beautiful stable of Bernina sewing machines to use all day long!  What?   How great is that?! 

Geltastic & Printalicious is a fun and fabulous way to do some mark-making/printing in a few different ways.  First, we will craft our own unique stamps using fun foam.  We will use the stamps in two ways:  gelatin mono printing and stamping!  We might even make a few rubbings using these same stamps.  Versatile, aren't they?! 

I love using this set of techniques to make all sorts of tags, cards, and more.

Gelatin printing is great when used with stencils, too!

Oh, I use all sorts of crazy tools to make marks.  Come play with me and I'll show you!  I'm writing about this one 2nd because I think these could be used in the third and final workshop.....

Sweet Little Somethings is a very lovely, meditative workshop that I think you will enjoy.  I am one of those people that needs to be doing something with my hands when I have down-time.  I love to have a little project to stitch on when I am in an airplane, the rare times I am a passenger in a car, etc..  I love to stitch!   I combine that with my habit of collecting little bits of ephemera along the path of my travels.  Combining the textures of cloth, paper, and stitch is so much fun and I will show you several approaches I use to do this.  
We will create some basic substrates and use part of the day to simply stitch (using Bernina sewing machines and hand-embroidery, so bring both types of thread!).  What could be better?  Plus, you will have some groovy tidbits to continue working on in your hotel rooms or while you are hanging out with all your new friends during the evenings of the event.

Here are a few things I have made in the spirit of this workshop:

and machine stitching.....

And wait!  There's more!

 CRAFT NAPA is being sponsored by BERNINA and Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers.

·        Deadline for comments is December 10th at midnight PST.  The grand prize is a $500 Gift Certificate from eQuilter!
Please leave a comment on my blog (and all the others!) to be eligible for the drawing.  Pokey will draw the winner from all blog comments after midnight of December 10th.

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