Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amsterdam Day 2 (continued): Pigeons, Leaning Houses, & more Hollyhocks

Tim found a new friend in one of the local parks

A leaning house

Check out the doorways:  more than a bit crooked!

another of my never-ending fascination with sidewalk plantings
Between museums Tim and I ran an errand to a local photography store.  On the way back we wandered through the large green-area near the Van Gogh museum.  Since it wasn't raining we decided to stop and sit on a park bench and soak up some of the fleeting sunlight.  Soon, we acquired some new "friends".  One bold pigeon took matters into his own, er, claws and got closer to the treats.
Throughout the city of Amsterdam the leaning houses are pretty frequent.  I wonder how these houses are stabilized, and what makes one lean more than others.  We stopped to examine this particular house because the doors were cut down to accommodate the problem.
I haven't had too much trouble with jet lag.  My roommate, however, has just succumbed to his!


  1. Amazing pics, Amsterdam is on my list of places I really want to see some day. xoxo

  2. Love the leaning buildings and the hollyhocks. So many new things to discover! I am loving the pictures that you are posting.

  3. Thanks! I absolutely love Amsterdam. We traveled to Delft today.
    Keep looking for new posts!

  4. I seem to remember that the houses were narrow because of some provision in the tax law. Know that when we were living in Germany, some outsides remained unfinished for awhile to take advantage of a lower tax rate. You were always surprised to go inside and see how well finished they were because the outside was a mess. The lean? Maybe they support each other. Don't know. Mary Ann


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