Monday, September 14, 2009

Alternative transportation and clotheslines

I loved this shot:  a built-in wheelbarrow/baby carriage on the bike, parked next to their houseboat!
This clothesline surely works better than the one in my hotel room!
Today was another lovely cool, breezy day.  I wandered the city without direction.  I spent some time looking around in the cookware section of a department store and in a grocery store.  It is interesting to see what things are displayed in each of these places, and how it differs from what I consider the standard fare at home.
I sat for awhile in the sun on a public bench near the Amstel bridge watching people pass by.  It felt good to soak in a bit of sun while listening to an audiobook on my ipod shuffle.  
We will meet a large group of people from Newtek US/Europe for dinner soon.

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