Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leaving Amsterdam to travel home

Walking to the Metro station;  boarding the Metro for Centraal Station
Train leaving Centraal Station 
I posted a number of photos late last night but no commentary.  Tim fell asleep and my fingers clicking were a source of annoyance, so I didn't type more than necessary.
I had a beautiful last full day of wandering.  I mailed my boxes home, then wandered into yet another area of the city I had not seen before.  I found some amazing bleached mulberry bark, which I purchased and had to make a return trip to the post office!  Also:  I was able to find the elusive Chinese market that I spied the dried water chestnuts last year.  I purchased some, packed them in another box, and with fingers crossed I shipped them home.  Let us hope they don't confiscate them from me!
Now we sit in the airport waiting to board our flight home.  I don't know how the time here could have been better.  I have fallen further in love with the Netherlands, if that is possible.  I love the gentle, friendly atmosphere of this place.  The people are kind and friendly.
I'll post more photos state-side.  Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with you as I travel.

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