Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow/Spring in Kansas

Snow along highway south of Kansas City airport

A sign of spring!

Bradford Pear trees line the street in front of my old house.  
They were tiny when I planted them in 1988!

By the time my trip to Kansas was over, I had seen  sleet, ice, snow, a thunderstorm with great lightning, wind (a constant in KS), and sun!  I guess everyone jokes about their weather, but in Kansas, well.......
I'm very excited about the upcoming show at Warehouse 414 in Topeka.  The show opens on First Friday, and I'm sad that I won't be there to visit with all the people.  I believe the show will be very strong.  I was so glad I made the last-minute decision to take two 4-yard lengths of art cloth.  I secured each length of cloth to a dowel, and they will hang out in the open space next to two different furniture groupings.  They look wonderful in the space!  Lois Kruse's beautiful photographs and Valerie Smith's gorgeous jewelry look stunning.  I'm certain the show will be well-received.
As I often do when I visit Topeka, I drove by my old house.  Frankly, I'm not very interested in the house, itself, but I follow the development of the trees and side garden with great interest.
I loved my little "side garden" with the limestone path and pergola.  There are new modifications that I dislike, but the gorgeous Bradford Pear trees!  Oh!  Their size and beauty make me very happy.  I thought I would miss my house when I moved, but it was the loss of my garden that I mourned.  A house is just a house:  home is where your family dwells.

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