Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pushing 2 pieces forward (part 2): "Shreds of a Story"

"Shreds of a Story":  a cloth/paper quilt, assembled using custom-created cloth from 
Spoonflower, Misty Fuse, shredded post-consumer paper, sari silk/cloth remnants,
green batting made from plastic bottles (I love this stuff!), and an unloved piece of hand-dyed/printed cloth as the quilt back (unfinished)

Shreds of a Story, detail

I have enjoyed working on this piece a great deal because I love pushing the limits of what makes a "quilt", and adore working with things that are typically considered "trash".  This is my 2nd venture into the possibilities of using custom-printed Spoonflower cloth.  In this case, I uploaded a detail of a collaged postcard, made from a variety of things, including a Korean snack bag.  Rectangles of the custom cloth were appliqued to the surface of the couched assemblage.  The quilting is ongoing, but very gridlike.  I have no idea how to finish the edges, as I don't think a traditional binding will look that great.  I need to stare at it awhile, but welcome any suggestions.  I'm leaning toward a zigzag finished edge.


  1. Leslie,
    I like this piece a lot, and I agree, I don't think a traditional binding would fit it the best. Have you considered just doing a rough overcast stitch around the edge with maybe a chenille yarn (ala Lucky Shie style)...

  2. I really like how this is turning out. I love the larger squares that flow in the middle. How about using household screen for the binding?

  3. Interesting ideas, and much-appreciated! I am considering the idea of laminating newsprint with gel medium, fusing it, and creating a binding from it. I have NO idea if this will work, but nothing like a deadline to make you try something weird, right?


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