Saturday, March 28, 2009

Camping out in Chicago

Things didn't go quite as planned today.  After connecting in Dallas, our flight was unable to land in Kansas City due to the weather, so we proceeded on to Chicago.  The weather that prevented our arrival in KC was rapidly moving toward Chicago.  My options were to take a flight to Omaha (sans luggage) and drive to Topeka, or hole up in a hotel and wait until morning, increasing the chances that I might arrive at the same time as my baggage.  
The irony of this is that, as a rule, I do not check luggage.  Never.  I knew that I would have to check at least one bag this morning, as I was transporting a large bag with artwork.  My sore back caused me to reconsider my carry-on strategy this morning.  
So....I'm having an adventure!  I'm in a hotel room near the airport.  I have no jammies, undies, or makeup.  I was given a little care package at the hotel desk with a toothbrush and deodorant.  I discovered that I have a mascara (I have NO idea why this is in my purse), lip gloss, and an eye pencil.  Since I am unable to control my hair at all times tomorrow will be no exception.
I'll miss my coat in the morning (what was I thinkin?) as I leave the hotel for the airport, with an unspoken promise to myself not to pack for a trip in the middle of the night and never check my bag.
The forecast for Chicago tomorrow:  rain mixed with snow, temp 33, wind-chill 21.  Wish me luck.  My. Coat. Is. Packed.

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  1. I can feel your pain Leslie.
    I too normally do carry on's and I lucked out checking my bag on the trip to TX last month.
    That's why I start packing several days ahead and finish seconds before I leave for the airport. Expect the unexpected when traveling.
    I wish there were something I could do to help but all I can offer is a ear to listen.
    The good thing is this kind of weather doesn't last long in March and April.


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