Friday, March 27, 2009

Packing and organizing work for the show in KS

"Shreds of a Story" (finished size 19"wide by 31" long)

"Shreds of a Story" (detail #1)

"Shreds of a Story" (detail #2)

This piece kicked my butt.  The materials were very difficult to "wrestle into submission". Good thing I like how it turned out!  My sewing machine wasn't very happy about it, either.
I was thinking of all sorts of ways to finish the edges, but ended up with a zig-zag at the outer edge and a straight stitch just inside it.  I'm satisfied with how it looks.  
Now I have to finish my inventory of items for the show in KS, as well as figure out the best way to wrap the framed pieces (I expect lots of cardboard and bubble wrap will be involved).
My flight departs @ 11 am tomorrow, but I understand there is a winter storm coming into Kansas City, so things could get dicey.  I hope I don't get marooned in Dallas.  I'll be wearing my Uggs tomorrow!  Now, where's my coat?

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