Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13th
Today was Karen's daughter's birthday, so we spent the day roaming around with her.  We took her to lunch @ Gladstone's, then drove up the coast through Malibu and back down to Santa Monica, where we wandered around in the Promenade.  I noticed that the area looks more
mall-cloned than it used to.  Is this my imagination?
For her birthday, Alissa and her husband had  reservations at Mario Battali's restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza.  We barely skidded in there inside our reservation window, but once we arrived we enjoyed an excellent meal.  The pizza was amazing, and I definitely "blew off" my low-carb regimen (well, the entire week has been a wash, to be honest) but what a way to go.  Next week is going to be painful as I re-enter low-carb territory.

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