Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunset in Cambria

Karen & I walking the beach in Cambria, looking for moonstones

CA Road Trip Day 4:  Although I slept like a baby in our cute hotel in Cambria last night (window cracked open so we could hear the surf all night from just across the road) we had to rise early and hit the road.  Karen had a meeting in LA @ 12:30 this afternoon, so we elected to stay on the 101 S rather than PCH 1 between Cambria and LA.  The drive was still lovely.  It was amazing how much the terrain changed as we headed south.  I was fascinated at how similar the land between the coast and the base of the mountains looked to the Kansas Flint Hills.  I realize it seems ridiculous, but I couldn't help thinking about it.
Karen's daughter works at Dreamworks, so Billie and I got a wonderful tour of the facility while Karen was busy with her meeting.  It was interesting to be in an animation production facility of that size, since I have been in so many small animation facilities over the years.  What a beehive of activity!  Despite the close proximity of the buildings to the freeway, the noise is completely ablated by clever placement of numerous fountains and other water elements throughout the grounds.  It was a clever use of "white noise", to be sure.
We discovered that our GPS wouldn't allow me to manually program our hotel address into the database, which made for an interesting scenic tour of LA.  Oh well....we finally made it, no thanks to "Julia", the name we have assigned the female voice of our gps.
Everyone is fatigued tonight, so we returned to our hotel a bit earlier than usual.  We will spend the day with Karen's daughter tomorrow, as it is her 31st birthday.  My daughter arrives from Philly around 1 pm tomorrow.  She will be in town for a week for work, and we hope to spend some time with her in the evening.  I'm so happy about this!

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