Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pushing forward on 2 pieces (part 1): "Konza Sunset"

Konza Sunset, detail 1
Konza Sunset, detail 2
Konza Sunset (unbound, at this  stage)

I have enough thread on this piece to stretch across the state of Texas!  I was quaking in my shoes about painting over a quilted surface.   Look:  it didn't hurt a bit!  I added loads of free-motion embroidery, fabric ravelings, and more paint.  I am pleased with the result.  Making a landscape from this sort of piecing is probably a stretch, but the colors were just what I wanted.  The effect of the piecing reminds me of the patchwork that is the Flint Hills of Kansas, where the Konza Prairie grassland preserve is located.  Part of my sister's ashes are on that land, and tomorrow marks the 8th anniversary of her death.  Interestingly, I was not consciously thinking about this when I started the piece, but I will dedicate it to her memory.  I miss her so very much.  Priscilla Anne Tucker was born May 26, 1947.  She would have been 62 in May.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.  It is weighing heavily on me today.  Working hard in the studio has helped a lot.


  1. Leslie, this is really lovely ... what beautiful tribute to your sister. I feel especially lucky to have my sister living with me now, after having read your post. Sending hugs to you.

  2. This is quite beautiful and I love the threads, as they add alot of interesting texture. Also, threads can be lifelines too. A very nice tribute to your sister. She is smiling upon you as you make this art quilt.

  3. Thanks for your support. As usual, the days leading up to "the day" are difficult. I don't know why some of these anniversaries are more difficult than others.....


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