Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last night was the first "First Friday" in the new gallery space.  We had a LOT of traffic through the gallery, with several cards and small pieces sold.  We closed the doors @ 10 pm, because that seems like a good cut-off point between any potentially serious buyers and the party crowd.  There was a lot of good buzz from people who came through.  We realize that we have a wonderful opportunity to educate the public about the possibilities with fiber/textile work.

Today will be spent running errands and packing for my upcoming trip to California.  I travel to Los Angeles, where I will join my dear friends, Billie and Karen (from KS), and the 3 of us travel on to San Jose, where we will pick up our rental car and begin our road trip.  We are repeating a trip that Karen and I took in 1987 (though in reverse) down the Pacific Coast Highway to finish in Los Angeles.  Karen's daughter, Alissa, lives in LA and we will arrive in time to celebrate her 30th birthday!  I'm super jazzed about it.  The 1987 trip has been a very precious memory for me, a sort of "freeze-frame" vacation that I revisit frequently.  Billie wasn't along for the first trip, but since the 3 of us have become more like family than friends, it is unimaginable to do the trip without her.

I'll be posting each day of the trip, so follow along with us!

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