Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fiber Artists of San Antonio annual fashion show

Michael Quintanilla's  beautiful bridal gown constructed of newspapers

The model struts her amazing gown down the runway

A student constructs her prom gown with old CD's
(note the bodice is done with broken CD parts)-beautiful!

Today was the Fiber Artists of San Antonio's annual wearable art runway show, and it certainly didn't disappoint.  There are many wonderful, talented designers in this city.  The final piece in the show was a surprise from Master of Ceremonies Michael Quintanilla, who created a gorgeous bridal gown, complete with headdress and bouquet, entirely from old newspapers!
It was truly a sight to see.  Another of my favorite pieces in the show was my friend, Pat Schulz,
beautiful (and LONG) boa, constructed from used Olay facial washcloths that had been dyed by Laura Pitts.  I'm in the process of making a quilt with them, so I was thrilled to see how beautiful they looked in this construction.  What a fun day!   Fiber Artspace had a table in the sale room, which was fun.  I put together some moleskins that are embellished with various things, including a few that have a cool image of my mid-1940's era parents.  


  1. And to think that I've been throwing away my Olay facial washcloths. Now I guess I have to save them. I love the gown made of CDs,especially the bodice. My guild recently had our annual challenge. This year it was Going Green and you had to use some recycled material in your quilt. We got some amazing results.

  2. the Olay cloths take procion dye beautifully. I'm constructing a quilt with them.

  3. Leslie! I'm so glad you finally have a blog! Welcome to the wide wide world of bloggerdom ... I've already checked out all your posts, can't wait to see what you will do next!
    Linda in Houston

  4. Wow! Who would have ever thought that news papers could be so elegant! I guess it is in the artist's hands to create such beauty.


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