Thursday, March 12, 2009

California Road Trip-Day 2

cutaway interior of an old Monterey Cyprus

Another beautiful vista

Posing in front of the Monterey Cypress grove

One of the many vista points along the 17-mile scenic
drive at Pebble Beach

We spent the entire day wandering through this area, stopping at every vista point to take in the view.  It was chilly, so our idea of enjoying a picnic lunch was modified to staying inside the car.  We didn't think we would enjoy chasing down our food in the wind.  The Ghost Tree, which I assume is a dead Monterey Cypress, was so beautiful.  It must have been a huge specimen.
I couldn't find anything about it in Wiki, although there is a nice description of the drive.

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  1. absolutely beautiful. the one with the rock swirl design reminds me of Spoonflower.


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