Saturday, August 31, 2013

Telluride Houses, Gardens, Meandering...

It's great to wander around in this little town.  The entire town of Telluride has been designated as a historical site.  The houses, for the most part, are charming and well-tended.  People are friendly and we have experienced some honesty (we found a purse and turned it into the event people, then our daughter lost her wallet and someone turned IT in to the event people).  That's the kind of place it is.
I love looking at house porches, doors, and gardens.  Anyone who has hopped over to my Pinterest boards sure knows that!  Here are a few pics I took this afternoon.  We were strolling back from having watched a 1930's-era silent Russian film.
Walking back from a theater

Not every house is perfect....

Here are a few along the main street that I love...

Tim stopped to chat with some people who enjoyed the film.

Good banjo music on the streets.

Possibly the most adorable lemonade stand ever.


  1. I love houses and doors especially. Really enjoyed this. Thanks.

  2. We were just in Telluride in July. I agree, it is a charming little town to walk around and explore. When we were there, I heard that bears were around, so I didn't stray too far from town this time.

  3. I was in Telluride at the end of July for a quilt and fiber festival. I love that town and met the most wonderful people! I met bears too! We took a hike up bear creek canyon and sure enough, there was a bear right on the trail! We waited until he scooted off up into the woods & continued on tho. We saw another bear the next day as well, when we took a gondola ride up and over the mountain. Telluride is really a magical place!


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