Friday, August 30, 2013

Images From Telluride

A little story:  my husband has been working on an unusual project for the past 5 years.  After discussing his idea with our good friends, Penn & Teller, the three of them decided it could be an interesting documentary, and, well, it is (disclosure:  I'm just a bit biased).  The film, called "Tim's Vermeer", debuted last night at the Telluride Film Festival.  This experience has many firsts for the entire family.  We are fortunate that our daughters were all in a position to travel out to Telluride with us to be present for the festival.  
Here are a few images from the first two days.
Day One:  travel.  We flew into Denver and met our two east coast daughters.  We had a very loooong layover before we caught our little plane into Telluride.  If you have never flown into that airport it is, well, pretty interesting.   The only airport that comes close to it is St. Barts.  Thrilling.
amusement at the Denver airport

Girls!  What are you doing?!
You know the plane is small when your co-pilot is also your flight attendant.  Guess what?
No beverages or peanuts.

Propeller, on the downwind leg of our approach into Telluride.
The first evening Tim and I attended a filmmakers party with the producer,
Farley Ziegler.  They didn't even notice that I have a patio heater coming out of my head!
Thursday morning we were bussed way up onto the mountain (10,500 feet above sea level)
to a private residence for brunch.  We stood in line right behind Salman Rushdie (a literary hero),
and a lot of people whom, if I were more connected to the industry, I would have been impressed to be standing near, I'm sure.

We were served an amazing array of food.  Fresh corn cakes, mushroom torts, etc.
Everything local.
I made friends with this guy, who dug up these horseradish that morning to grate over 
Bloody Marys.  He gave me a piece to "smell" and carry around.  I know, I'm weird.
I couldn't resist, so I got a virgin bloody just to have the horseradish.
It did not disappoint.

Tents and tables were arrayed across the property.  
The views were beyond amazing.

Aspen trees.

The side of Robert Redford's head (2nd from left)
Pre-premier:  Jenison Force Five!
Penn and Tim being very silly

The premier was held in the New Sheridan Opera Theater.
Gloria Swanson has performed here.

Penn explains how the project started...then the premier.

People were so excited!  Cheering, and lots of congratulations to Tim and everyone involved.
This patron asks Tim for his autograph.

This morning is the second viewing, and there will be a Q&A following, along with a viewing of Tim's painting.  Stay tuned, and thanks for coming along on this big adventure!


  1. What an AMAZING experience! And what a wonderful way to celebrate the culmination of a lot of hard work. I hope y'all are basking in the glow of it all. I'll bet you cried when the cheering started. Oh, and you are going to need a tiara. That patio heater will not do.

  2. I did cry. When a woman came up to me in tears after the viewing, which, by the way, has happened at each one, I lost it. I'm filled with joy at observing the reaction to this film. People are going nuts. A couple approached me after the film yesterday morning and asked if they could drive over from Houston (where they live) to see the painting studio.

  3. Leslie, how do we find out more about the movie? By the way I forwarded your blog entry to my friend long time, Stu Fraser,,, he is Mayor of Telluride.. Stu thanked me for forwarding it, and will try to keep an eye out for your group,,, He said the movie got good reviews, he and his wife, Ginny, usually don't attend all the gatherings. Here is hoping you get a chance to meet. vivian

    1. Wow, Vivian! How wonderful!
      I'm reading this late Sunday evening. I know the film has another screening tomorrow but do not know when, at this point. Apparently that is posted early each morning. I haven't met your friend the mayor, as yet. We leave tomorrow afternoon, and I must say, I have become enchanted with this beautiful town and the people who live here. The festival has been a magical experience. The fact that the film has been well-received is icing on the cake.

  4. You must be very proud of your husband. What a special experience!

  5. I would also like to know more about your husband's film. I love independent films! And I have flown into Telluride a couple times now. We have an airplane so I've flown in there in our Cessna 210 with my husband as pilot & me as co-pilot. A guy we met from Telluride said for enjoyment you get a 6 pack of beer and sit at the end of the runway and watch the Texans fly into that runway. Meg Whitman's pilot went off the end of the runway once. If you ever want to fly into a really scary airport, fly into Lukla, Nepal. Flew in there to start our trek to the base camp of Mount Everest. Planes crash flying in and out of there all the time. It is known as one of the world's most dangerous airports. Good thing I didn't know that when we went there!


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