Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Telluride Tales from Friday, August 30th

Day 2 of the Telluride Film Festival was no less amazing.  We rode the gondola up the mountain to the Chuck Jones Theater for the second screening of "Tim's Vermeer".  Amazingly, we sat directly behind Chuck Jones' daughter!  She is a lovely woman, and was super-excited about the movie.  I'm going to show you some images of the reaction to Tim when he walked to the stage for the post-movie Q&A.
Morning on the street in front of our hotel

Our daughter took this image of us pre-screening.
Patrick Sheffield, the amazing editor, is seated between Tim and I.

David Thompson introduces the producers, director, and Tim.

Tim approaches the stage.  

The beginning of the standing O

The progression of it...

The Q&A post-screening

Look at the reaction of the woman on the right when Tim removes the covering on his painting!

Up the gondola to the next screening.  What a view!

The second screening was in the Werner Herzog theater.
We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Herzog.  This theater is considerably larger.

Farley, Penn, Teller, and Tim say a few words pre-screening.

Friday early evening.  A "conversation" with the film team at the courthouse.
Painting on display.

On the sidewalk having tea with Tim, Penn, and Peter Goldman, their manager.

The "Moth".  Teller tells the first story of the evening, introduced by Salman Rushdie.

First film review!

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