Monday, August 5, 2013

Images From The International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

Despite my best intentions, I did not write a blog post during the festival.  Here are a few pics from the show:

Judy Coates-Perez helps hang the 
"Exquisite Moment" exhibition.
Her height made her extremely popular on the hanging crew!

In our hotel room I played with a new toy:  Derwent Inktense Blocks

Come back to see more of this piece on 8/9!

Jayne Larson & Pam Kleibaum at the Dinner At Eight Artists' dinner

Pokey Bolton holds the exhibition catalog for Yvonne Porcella
as Yvonne discusses her "exquisite moment".

Pokey and Yvonne.  Love her glasses!!

(L-R:  Jeannie Palmer Moore, Rachel Parris, and myself)

On the show floor Yvonne chats with Kathy Hoover 
in front of the Exquisite Moment exhibit.

Looking out of our hotel room we have a "herd" of 
these gantry cranes in view.
They look like mechanical giraffes to me.....


  1. Every year I look forward to the spoonology photo! Wish I could've made Long Beach this last year.

    1. Yes, Spoonology has become a popular photo op. More to come (I feel certain) during the Houston show!

  2. Looks like a fantastic lot of fun. Looking out for 8/9 to see those intense blocks....cute cranes although I was thinking giraffes too. xox

    1. I realized after reading your comment that I misspelled Inktense in my posts LOL! Oy! Sorry about that....

  3. I have some intense blocks that I haven't played with a lot yet so I look forward to seeing what you ended up doing with them. Thanks for sharing your photos. It looks like everyone had a great time as usual!

    1. I do hope you will stop back by in a few days, but frankly, the images of my little detail won't be "intense" so much as happy! Sorry about my little typo!

  4. Made me homesick for the South Bay but your images cured me!


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