Monday, August 19, 2013

Pet Project comes to Houston Quilt Festival for 2nd Year: Be A Part of It!!

Quite a few of you know Pokey Bolton, founder of Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, and more.
Pokey is now the Chief Creative Officer at Quilts, Inc., and resides in Houston as a result.
Due to a personal experience rescuing an abandoned dog off the streets she became involved with "Friends For Life", the only "no kill" animal shelter in Houston.  
Last year was the first round of her "Pet Project", an event to raise money (and awareness) by asking artists to create and donate fiber postcards which were sold during the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  To say it was a success would be a massive understatement.  The cards were beautiful, popular, and they sold out long before the festival was over.  We need to do something about that!
I'm asking you to turn on your creative juices and help with this project.  One hundred percent of the monies generated go directly to the Friends For Life shelter.  
With permission, I am re-publishing Pokey's post from her blog.  Please go there for more information!
Fabric Postcard
My fabric postcard of Nellie and Clarence, my two adopted pooches from Friends For Life
We are thrilled to announce the second annual edition of Quilt Festival’s Pet Postcard Project!  Friends for Life, Houston’s fastest growing No-Kill animal adoption and rescue organization, will again be the beneficiary shelter!
Frieds for Life LogoSeveral of us at Quilts have adopted animals from Friends For Life, an organization I admire very much for the work, education, and outreach they do for Houston’s most vulnerable animals who would very likely be euthanized if they weren’t in their program.
Pokey Bolton Salise Shuttlesworth
Salise Shuttlesworth, Founder and Director of Friends For Life and I are each holding up a fabric postcard from last year’s benefit.
Some may remember that we raised more than $20,000 total last year at Quilt Festival for Friends For Life by selling hundreds of donated fabric postcards for $20 each, and this year I am hoping to far surpass that amount! We are inviting YOU for this fall’s show to make fabric postcards to help us achieve this goal.
Here’s how you can help:
1. Make as many 4″ x 6″ fabric postcards (that are no more than 1/8″ in thickness) as you would like to be featured and sold at International Quilt Festival this upcoming fall.
2. We want you to get pet-ty! We encourage animal-themed fabric postcards but we certainly welcome and would appreciate other themes as well, such as abstracts, landscapes, floral pieces, etc. The point is to raise as much funds as we can! On the back side of the fabric postcard, please sign your name and title your postcard. (Contact information is optional.)
3. We will sell the postcards for $20 each at Festival, and all of the proceeds will go to Houston-based animal shelters.
4. These postcards can be mailed to the Quilts, Inc. office no later thanTuesday, October 22, 2013. Please note: this is a receive-by date! We will of course accept postcards during Quilt Festival but want to have a large starting bank of postcards so would love it if you mailed them in advance!
5. You can mail as many fabric postcards as you would like, but please place them in a padded envelope. This way they will stay in pristine condition to be displayed at Festival.
Please mail them to:
Pet Postcards
Attn: Pokey Bolton
7660 Woodway
Suite 550
Houston, TX 77063
6. Come to Quilt Festival and buy as many postcards as you are able!
If you would like to see some examples of fabric postcards (of the feline variety) we received last year, click here.
The good news is the postcards are starting to come in, and we would love to sell hundreds (thousands?) of them to raise a record-breaking amount to save animals’ lives.
Postcard wall
I’ll be making lots of postcards over the summer months as I quilt poolside (while taking breaks with my little swimming buddie)!
Nellie swimmingWill you be taking the postcard pledge? I hope so!

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