Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Girls

My oldest daughter was invited to speak at the graduation of her high school alma mater.  It is difficult for me to believe she graduated from high school ten years ago.  What a pleasure it was to see her give a beautiful speech to the 2011 graduates.  I'm so fortunate to have such smart, articulate daughters.  I'm honored to be their mother.  It was so much fun to have all 3 of them home for a few days.
Practicing her speech outside

Let's do it!

Here they are!

Proud mama with the alumni speaker

Speaking to the graduates

The girls' art teacher (a bit proud, I think!)

Mrs. Webster talks to all 3 of her former art students, all artists


  1. What a gift to have all of your girls home! And I can see your face, in different whispers, in all three faces. Wonderful, wonderful!!

  2. Thank you, Skye. I'm just the teeniest bit proud......


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