Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Peek at my current quilt project

A couple years ago when I was in Amsterdam I took this photo:

I love everything about this photo.  I have been thinking and thinking about how to use it as a jumping off point for a quilt.  Since our upcoming exhibition theme is "The Space Between", what could be better than to play with this image and see what happens?

Easier said than done.  I finally have the quilt constructed, not-yet quilted, but I think I took it apart, added, subtracted, and generally rearranged this quilt somewhere between one and two dozen times.

I plan to soften the dark central walls with thread painting.  The extension of the alleyway is a combination of organza (tinted with both India ink and paint), dyed cotton cloth, and art paper.  I want to stitch it accordingly, too.  The black edge of the walls will be softened with a series of shades of gray.
The graffiti is dye-painted on silk habotai.
All the background cloth was either immersion dyed or manipulated with textile paint.

See the photo inset?  It is Spoonflower fabric.

The pieces of graffiti are based on some styles of work I saw in Amsterdam.  I fussy cut it out of the large silk cloth.


  1. That is simply fantastic the way you make it so realistic, yet artistic, all at the same time.

  2. I really like it!!! I love the grafiti you cut out of the silk.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I'm itching to get the thread on it! The thread will "soften" the stark black center a bit, which it needs. I needed to "stare" at it awhile before I begin. This is a hazard of being obsessive, I'm afraid. I'll post some progress-shots of the thread-painting.

  4. Leslie, this is just spectacular! I love the colors, the depth, everything about the design process. Congratulations!
    I am looking forward to seeing the next steps.

  5. I will post some progress shots in the next few days. Thanks!

  6. Having had a sneak preview, I'm excited to see the finished piece. Just gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful! The best use and interpretation of graffiti I ever saw. Amsterdam should be so lucky....

  8. LOVE love love how you used and integrated the photo

  9. Leslie, this is wonderful. You have captured the perspective of the alley so well.

  10. Thank you all so much. You are inspiring a degree of confidence in me regarding the quilt. I was uncertain as to whether using the image transferred to cloth was a good idea. Now, I'm more comfortable with making this decision.


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