Tuesday, June 21, 2011


a block I made for Melly's "love" quilt

As many of you know, Melly Testa is undergoing surgery as I write this post.  I'm thinking of it as moving through a portal to wellness, the second step in a 3-prong offense of ridding her body of cancer.
This has been declared as National Melly Day!  If you are one who has sent a card or scarf in the past, I am asking you to find a funny card that will fill her with good cheer.  Please send it to Melly, care of me, as we have been doing in the past months.
If you do not have my address, please email me (leslie.jenison@gmail.com) and I will send it to you.
I'm posting a few photos of Melly that make me smile.


  1. Sending strong prayers Melly's way.

  2. Melly did well through the surgery, according to her husband. Relief!

  3. Thanks! Many hands went into the making of the quilt. It was made with a lot of love.


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