Thursday, June 2, 2011

Curator Interview on the Dinner At Eight Blog

Jamie Fingal and I are the two nuts that make up Dinner@8 Artists.  We co-facilitate workshops as well as curate shows.  In addition, we are known for having a good time wherever we find ourselves.  And we find ourselves all over the place these days!  Please stop by the Dinner At Eight blog and read our curator interviews!

At Disneyland in Anaheim CA

Teaching in Make-It-University

Being ultra-sophisticated while having Dinner @ 8 in Houston!
At the gate of some airport on the west coast


  1. Ha Ha, too funny. Where did you dig up those pictures? Who took the one of us in the airport? Boy, oh boy - do we know how to have fun, or what? Looking forward to Festival in Long Beach. No telling how much trouble we can get into!

  2. Don't you remember? I took that photo with my "monkey arms"! LOL!


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