Thursday, October 15, 2009

Houston Quilt Festival Day Two: Quilting Arts "Open Studios"

My work table in Open Studios at the Quilting Arts-area,
situated on the aisle of  "Make-It-University".

Wearing my extremo-grungy studio work shirt under my MIU apron,
I am printing thickened dye through a small silk-screen onto
post-consumer washing cloths and a silk/cotton broadcloth.

Because I am a bit insane and love a good challenge, I decided it would be fun to do some print work with thickened dyes in Open Studios.  I know that people who have not experienced working with dye have a curiosity about it, and why not do it in this setting so they can drop by and ask questions?
Well, a good answer would be that it is REALLY messy.  Still, I figured if I could cover the surfaces up quickly and stand on a drop cloth, I had a good chance of keeping track of the dye.
I prepared my print paste prior to leaving home, and transported it in an ice chest.  I brought my mask and gloves and carefully mixed the dye inside small yogurt cups in my hotel room sink.  I took chemical water and a few extra used plastic containers to house the discarded dye "soup".
My system worked really well!  I wrapped my printed work into plastic bags and the surfaces were so tidy I will be able to reuse everything again for my Open Studio session on Sunday from 2-4:00 pm.

I have a hot stone massage appointment at 3:00 pm today, then a trip to the Texas Art Supply Store.  We are planning a "Love Bomb" session in our hotel room:  art-making, shared stories between good friends, laughter, and joy.  Wish you were here......

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  1. Me too! I'll be there on the weekend and hope to see you between your gigs.


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