Thursday, October 1, 2009

Experimenting with iDye (disperse dye) on polyesther

polyesther organza with black iDye
it interests me that this piece has a cooler, bluer appearance

here is a different piece of polyesther sheer prior to ironing
as you can see, this one seems lighter and has a warmer hue

here is the same sheer after ironing

I purchased several packets of a new Jacquard product, iDye, last summer in California.  Ever the procion MX artist, I really wanted to find an easy product to use on synthetic sheers because I am interested in doing lamination with paper onto sheers, and it simply works better on synthetic.

In preparing supplies for my upcoming MIU workshops I decided it was time to experiment with this product on two pieces of polyesther.  The product is quite easy to use.  I would caution that, like any other dye, it should be handled with the utmost care whilst it is in powder form.  I generally don't like to do any dye process at home, but last night was an exception.

I dragged my old aluminum pot out of storage, carefully mixed the powder and color enhancer into the water, and heated it to just below boiling per package instructions.  Once the two lengths of fabric were immersed I turned the heat down to simmer, pressed the cloth into the solution with the steamer rack, and left it on the stove for one hour.  After draining the excess liquid I threw the cloth into the washer with some synthropol, and that was it!  Very easy!  I think I should have put it through 2 rinses, if my hands are any indicator, so I'll be sure to remember that in the future.

I fused each piece with Misty Fuse and cut 4x6 rectangles to be used in my mark-making workshops in Houston.  It will be interesting to see how the cloth behaves!  I've got my fingers crossed....

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