Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Group quilt entry in "Quilts: A World of Beauty"

"Group Conversations", our entry into the group quilt category in
"Quilts:  A World of Beauty"


  1. a beautiful quilt; how many artists collaborate?

  2. I saw this quilt at the show and loved it!

  3. Thanks for your kind words. There were eight of us involved with this particular quilt.

  4. Who worked on the quilt this year?
    I always like to try to figure out who did what part.

  5. This quilt was created by Sherri McCauley, Frances Holliday Alford,
    Jean Dahlgren, Dianne Sandlin, Barb Forrister, Connie Hudson, Kathy York, Pearl Gonzolez, and myself. I guess that is nine of us!

  6. Thanks for the names Leslie. SInce there are several new people I can't say I know their work well enough to pick out different peoples work. Although I do see some work I think I recognize.


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