Thursday, October 15, 2009

Houston Quilt Festival Day One

International Quilt Fest: Quilt Scene (Pre-Order)

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This special issue from Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilts, Inc. captures the energy, beauty, and community of today's quilt scene. Packed with feature articles, projects, and beautiful photography, this 148-page special issue will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.
Table of Contents
 The International Quilt Festival Community

  • Seams to Me: A note from Karey Bresenhan, Founder and Director of International Quilt Festival
  • Editor’s Note: From Pokey Bolton
  • The History of International Quilt Festival (Bob Ruggiero)
  • International Quilt Association Presents “Quilts: A World of Beauty”: The award-winning quilts and their makers
  • Meet IQA’s Youngest Member, Lexus Estes
  • Special Exhibits: A sampling of quilts from the IQF shows
  • Make It University!™: small projects from Pokey Bolton, Alisa Burke, Belinda Spiwak, and Beryl Taylor
  • Notes & Tips for Attending International Quilt Festival (Leslie Tucker Jenison)
  • Confessions of an International Quilt Festival Groupie (Rachel Parris)
  • The Quilt Scene: Tributes, tips, news, & notables
Sewing and Quilting Projects

  • Reinvented IQF Tote Bags (June Colburn)
  • Fabric Birds (Terry Grant)
  • Fabric Fortune Cookies (Andrea Shedletsky)
  • Door Organizer (Susan Brubaker Knapp)
  • Vintage Quilt Book Covers (Pat Schuman)
  • Patchwork Quilted Belt (Bari J. Ackerman)
  • Table Runner & Napkin Rings (Jen Eskridge)
  • Winslow Market Tote (Kathy Mack)
  • A Memory Narrative (Judy Murrah)

Contemporary Quilt Designs

  • Toasty Tilt (Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy)
  • Quilted Floor Décor (Karla Eisenach)
  • A Dotty Garden (Sarah Fielke)
  • My First Play Mat (Patricia Bravo)
  • Of the Rails (Brandon Mably and Liza Prior Lucy)
  • Mini Hexagon Quilt (Malka Dubrawsky)
  • Inside Out Mini Quilt (Malka Dubrawsky)
  • Three Lemons Art Quilt (Paula Prass)
  • Table Talk: Quilted home décor  (Susan Rienzo)

Tips, Techniques, and Advice

  • In The Quilter’s Studio: Setting up your studio space
  • Quilting Tips from the Pros: IQF educators’ expert advice and ideas
  • Exploring Color and Value (Lyric Kinard)
  • Machine Quilting: Start right (Teri Lucas)
  • Fun Free-Motion Quilting Exercises (Melanie Testa)
  • Cool Quilt Stores Across the Country (Pippa Eccles)
  • Fabric Guilt (Charlotte Angotti)

Above is the Quilting Arts website announcement of the premier issue of their newest publication.  I have an article in this issue, so please take a look!

my feet (thankfully elevated on the surface of my bed!) peeking up in the photo as I snap Jamie Fingal (left) and Rachel Parris in our room.  Jamie and Rachel are, of course, coming up with the solution for world peach, I mean peace.

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