Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howloween!

A few of my creepiest things.....

Wall-e and EVE took top prize.  Cool!

This washer/dryer duo won a prize at the Newtek Halloween party!

Some BOO peeps make an appearance in Goodnight Moon
(photo courtesy of my friend, Billie Hall)

My dining room table
(note all the ancient, Halloween party constructed spiders and ghosts that grace my light fixture?)

I love Halloween, and I miss having little kids around to share the excitement.  It was great to see all the excited kids (large and small) at Tim's office.  There was even a costume contest!  I wonder if we will get any trick-or-treaters tonight?  I haven't been home on Halloween in quite a while because of the Houston quilt festival, so it will be fun to see if we get any customers!


  1. Happy Halloween to you! It seems weird to be home for this holiday - last year you and I dressed up as witches for Festival in Houston for a haunting good time! Boo!

  2. Boo to you, too! I know: it is truly an odd feeling to be home for this holiday since we are always in Houston this time of year! Ha! We made pretty good witches! I think I should "scare up" one of those photos from last year for posterity.

  3. Happy Halloween Leslie. The washer and dryer remind me of one of my "most unique" costumes I ever made.
    I was the Dancing cigarette pack from Ted Macks original amateur hour. I made this HUGE Old Gold cigarette pack from BIG box. It turned out great.
    I wore it for our Halloween party. It was a roller skating party. It was very difficult to skate in and came off very early in the evening.

  4. I would have paid money to see that, Kay!


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