Monday, April 20, 2009

Useful Tools and my studio companions

Bizzi keeps a close watch on squirrel activity in the garden

Here are "the girls":  cherished photos, and my glass "girls" sporting their daisy hats

My Rowenta iron:  the tank sits nicely on the opened drawer of my cutting table when I use it to fuse elements to a quilt top.  The long cord allows me to move it between the table and my ironing board

I am in love with my Black and Decker rechargeable scissors.  They are so handy for cutting Misty Fuse from the roll, as well as trimming long pieces of cloth and batting.

While I was working on a quilt top I was thinking about some of the tools that become indispensable in the studio.  I have many, but recently I have been constructing a large piece using fusible.  In addition to the items pictured above, I would include parchment paper and my wonderful gate leg cutting table.  The portability of these items allows so much flexibility in my work environment.  Now that I have two gate leg tables in the studio, one remains dedicated to my mixed media work (usually piled with stuff, but that is another post...) and the other can be kept clean and ready for cutting and basting work.  

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