Friday, April 10, 2009

How my garden grows

Bluebonnet bonanza!

My "Red Hobbit" columbine are finally blooming!

Antique narcisscus blooming under my Japanese Maple

The garden is truly my muse:  I find all sorts of inspiration here.  I start most mornings at home walking around to see what is new from the day before.  There is always something to inspire me.  This morning it was the columbine and narcisscus, planted last year, which are finally blooming.  I sat on the patio with Tim and watched all the birds swooping in to grab seeds from the many feeders.  It was exciting to see how many finches are regaining their bright yellow color (they fade to a pale yellow during the winter here) and the many hummingbirds doing aerial combat over rights to the feeders.  When I sit with my binoculars, I realize that, at least in this area, I have turned into my mother..........


  1. Leslie:
    Your Texas Blubonnets are BEAUTIFUL! They are cousins to our Lupines! Spring is my favorite season, with the month of May the best, followed by April. I walk out onto my screen porch/patio and take deep breaths. The smell of orange blossoms and jasmine are thick enough to eat with a spoon!
    Happy Gardening!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous...there is nothing like Spring.


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