Friday, April 24, 2009

Printing on unconventional materials

Silk/cotton cloth that was pinned under the disposable washcloths during printing

Facial cloths with various colors and script dye-printed onto them

A single cloth, printed 3 separate times with thickened dye

While I am busily working in the studio on 3 different projects (deadlines! deadlines!) I am ruminating about how I will construct a piece with the dyed facial cloths and the "dropcloth" I positioned underneath them.  I fell in love with the wonderful patterning created during the printing.  
These were accomplished using a small (8x8 inch screen area) silkscreen.  First, I wrote over the silkscreen using thickened dye extruded from a curved dental syringe.  Second, I pulled the (slightly thicker) dye across the damp "writing" which created a blurred, but still somewhat legible, script.  I am not interested in whether my script can be literally interpreted.
I was definitely telling a story, but I am not motivated by whether the viewer can understand all of it.  I would rather that the viewer is drawn in and finds his or her own meaning.  I love the effect of writing on surfaces, whether it is graffiti or carefully written calligraphy.  
The images you see in this post are unfinished.  Where will they go next?

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