Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Small and large raindrops cling to the Pride of Barbados blossom

I nick-named this the "Big Bird" plant because the blossoms resemble the top of BB's head
(now it looks even stranger with the strings of tiny raindrops)
Interesting drop patterns on the unripe Meyer Lemons

Ahhh.....RAIN!  A rarity these days in South Texas, we are tempted to dance around outside when it happens.  We have enjoyed a whole inch in the last 24 hours and this morning I noticed some interesting droplet patterns on the plants.  I'm not sure I captured their beauty as well as I hoped.  I am obsessed with surface tension on a variety of surfaces:  pressure resulting in cracks in asphalt & buildings, piles of river rocks, driftwood on the shoreline.  These patterns emerge in my quilting quite frequently.

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