Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fiber work I enjoy every day

"Choir", by Jane Dunnewold, hanging in our living room

See how happy I am to be standing in front of it?

"Red Alert", by Laura Beehler, greets me when I walk into my studio.
It hangs behind the "thinking couch".

I choose art that speaks to me.  I want things that give me joy.  It is especially wonderful if it was created by someone I know and love.  Here are two especially treasured works that fulfill those things.  I fell in love with both of these pieces while they were being created, as I share studio space with Jane and Laura and we frequently work in the studio at the same time.  While I love most everything that these two women create, these pieces shouted, "You MUST own me and gaze at me every day".  So, I listened.  
While I don't acquire every piece that speaks to me, I can say without hesitation that I have never been disappointed by following my instinct.  Every time I look at the art that is in my home it gives me great joy.  If even one piece that I create can evoke this feeling in someone else I will consider myself richly rewarded as an artist.  Frankly, money has nothing to do with it.

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