Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Fiesta Time in San Antonio!

Art Fair enthusiasts wander through the courtyard of the
Southwest School for Art and Craft

The back patio of SSAC is the setting for additional artists' booths 
as well as numerous food kiosks
(the red plumes in the foreground belong to one of the Fiesta "Royalty")

artist tents and looking toward the "children's activities" area in the distance

One of my favorite events during the 11 days of Fiesta is the Art Fair, which kicks off the first weekend of Fiesta events.  For the uninitiated, this juried event is rated one of the top 10 art fairs in the US.  Local artists are joined by artists from all over the country, and every sort of medium is here.  I have a few favorites that I'm always happy to see, but who doesn't?
As the years roll by in my citizenship of our fair city I am more selective about which events I choose to participate in, but I love the idea of our city having a big party every year!  The color is everywhere, from the carnival and colorful flags in the downtown-area to all the fabulous door wreaths and cascarones seen throughout the city.  Don't know what a cascarone is?  Check out this link:


  1. If one were going to plan a trip to San antonio would you recommend this as the best time?
    Of is there a better time?

  2. It is a fun time to come to the city because there are many activities in the downtown area. I recommend advance planning if you are considering staying downtown (which would be fun because of all the parades). Weather varies wildly from the rare chill to quite warm. If heat is an issue, I recommend late fall or late winter as an avoidance tactic. One never knows......


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