Monday, December 17, 2012

Mod Guild Gift Exchange

When I found out the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild planned to have a mug rug exchange for our holiday gathering, I had to hit the internet.  I guess I don't get out much.  I had no idea what a "mug rug" was!  I learned what most of you (you DO know, don't you?) already know is that a mug rug is a tiny little quilt, usually somewhere between 4x6 inches and 8x10 inches, to put your cup of coffee or tea and a muffin or a couple of cookies on.  I thought it would be super-fun to make one, and it was.
I did end up with an unanticipated dilemma, however.
Here is the mug rug I created, along with a small "envelope" as gift-wrap.

and here is the one I brought home!
This little gem was created by Erica Mitchell.

Now for the dilemma:  how do you ever use something this cool as a coaster??  Seriously??
There is no way in the world that the bottom of any coffee cup of mine is making contact with this tiny little quilt masquerading as a "mug rug".  Sorry, folks.  It's a quilt, and it will soon be hanging on my studio wall.  Over and out.


  1. I use one I received in a gift exchange on my antique treadle machine and place a small glass object on it.
    great fun to have mini quilts that can be functional or art.

  2. LOL; I received one as a thank you gift and it adorns a wall in my kitchen. Too adorable for words.

  3. I love the size of these little guys. Fun!


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