Friday, December 7, 2012

Laughter & Fun With The Fam

The Jenisons are a pretty fun-loving, affectionate bunch.  We spent Thanksgiving in my husband's little hometown in north-central Iowa.  We try to coordinate flights into, and out of, Des Moines and then drive up, but this year we arrived in two waves.  Once at my in-laws, we enjoy one another's company.
This year my sister-in-law involved the girls in the decoration of a small tree to be used as a fundraiser for her workplace, Opportunity Village, a residential community for people with disabilities.
Two of my daughters amuse themselves with a little cat's cradle.

My youngest with her grandmother

It is a mutual admiration society

Goofing around with her dad while my father-in-law looks on

My three beautiful girls.  I love them so.

Here is the little tree, looking from top down.
My sister-in-law gathered some dried plants from the field behind the house
to use on the tree.

Birds were created from building supplies.

Nests were created by wrapping string around partially-inflated balloons, 
then painting with dilute Elmer's glue.
After drying, the balloons were removed and the "orbs" were cut in half with shears,
then nestled together.

Indeed, the tree was painted blue.
It isn't your imagination!

I love the dried tree-topper!
Everyone decided it looked great without lights.

Many people in the area create themed trees which are part of a silent auction.  All the monies benefit the residents of Opportunity Village.  It was a wonderful project!  I think we may make it an annual tradition!


  1. A beautiful and creative bunch!~ I love, love, love the blue tree and ornaments. perfect

  2. The tree looked pretty awesome, between the blue color and all the natural colors of the grasses, seed pods, and the nests. Thanks (I can take no credit at all for it)!


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