Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12@12:12 Twelve sets of twelve things in my studio

On the occasion of 12-12-12 several artist friends decided to post twelve "things".  I hope you have had a chance to "hop around" and take a look at what everyone has been posting.
I can tell you I had fun assembling some "twelves".  Everything you are about to see was selected from my studio.
Twelve tools that I use frequently:
squeegees, stamps, rubber scraper, paintbrushes, exacto knife, dental syringe, 
bamboo pen, palette knife, toothbrush.

Twelve metal "milagros" for embellishment

Twelve spools of thread (Superior), and baby you know
I have more where this came from!

Twelve pieces of gorgeous thai silk!
insert the last remark here....

Twelve well or partially-filled sketchbooks

Twelve presser feet.

Twelve packets of Topstitch needles.
Hey!  You never know when you will run out...

Twelve pieces of art.
Top row-encaustic on board,
2nd row encaustic on board or paper,
3rd row, oil paintings (I painted the center one, only)
bottom:  artist "houses" book, a workshop sample, joined together with window screen and supported by inverted Sakura pens.

Twelve pieces of hand-dyed, screen-printed (by me) silk

Twelve pieces of hand dyed and printed cotton (by me)

Twelve things that inspire me on my sofa side table.
See Melly's beautiful artwork behind the shell?!

Twelve toys that I love:  the top row has 2 finger puppets I got in Amsterdam and a hand-carved headless animal that was made by my daughter.
More finger puppets I found in Amster are on the bottom right.
I love wind-up toys, did I ever tell you that?  So here are a couple of those.
I love Meerkats, parakeets, anteaters, and armadillos, too.  I love toys so much.  I hope I never grow up.


  1. What a fun post, Leslie!! Love seeing all those sketchbooks:-)

  2. I love this collection, too. I am inspired to get home and make my own set of 12/12. Thanks Susie

  3. I love every single one of your 144 Things!

  4. Love your sets of twelve! I wrote about it on my blog, but no pictures. I did put a link to your blog so readers could see your neat collections.

  5. Thanks for linking, Norma, and I'm glad you like my "twelves". It was really fun!

  6. I just saw your 12-12-12. I remember when we discovered some of these toys in Amsterdam. What fun! :)

  7. Yes! Good memories, Cheryl! I still love looking at and playing with these little toys! It was so good to see you at the Newtek party!


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