Friday, November 23, 2012

Quilted Yurt: A Smash Hit at Festival

Greetings!  I'm STILL trying to sort out photos from the Houston Quilt Festival.  I have been looking forward to posting photos of the amazing quilted yurt, submitted by Linzi Upton, of Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom.  As you can imagine, this was a very unusual and fun installation in the Tactile Architecture exhibit at festival.  Check it out:

To learn more about Linzi and her yurt, please stop by her blog.

To learn more about the general history of yurts, hit the link.

To see some images of another textile yurt, this one built by my oldest daughter follow the links!

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  1. I'm still wondering how I missed the Yurt! I think I always stopped at the SAQA and Rituals exhibits and got "stuck" so I never made it any further. The yurt is really beautiful! I'm glad I am getting to visit it through your photos and Linzi's post!


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